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Catchy tune

Although strictly speaking, a waltz is in 3/4 :P The SM influence is clearly visible, and this is a fantastic way of ending an era, kudos. Good luck with whatever you choose to do after college!

Best wishes,



"I'm also well versed in over 6000 forms of lullaby, including ROCK-A-BYE FLESHLING and DO NOT TAKE MY SOLJANITE, O GREAT ONE CUTLAH."

"Technically speaking ENTRY DELETED is not an animal"

^ Just two of my favourite quotes, otherwise I'd have written out the whole script.
Great work, the pilot's awesome too :)


Toonwerks responds:



It was my 20th on the 3rd. It is precisely like last year with a different number, higher expectations, a lot more shaving and I'VE STILL GOT GODDAMN SPOTS. But dealing with it is easier than anyone thinks; the teenage years were unimaginative and archaic. You're a grown-up with instantly more respect when you say "I'm 20" not "I'm 19". It's brill :)

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Stunning first flash attempt. Most only use geometric shapes and messy lines (which is perfectly acceptable for your first time) but this was really well thought out and entertaining too :) Well done!

CallumBowen responds:

thanks man
i rushed the animation to get it out in time
but now i can take my time and my animations will definatley improve


Love the retro feel, gameplay and graphics and the music. I was hooked for at least 45 minutes, but then I got stuck at the first wing stage - I got 48 pixels then I was at a loss at where to get more. Apart from that, brilliant.

Cool game

Decent enough game to play, graphics, sound and gameplay were all good, and eventually I clocked a score of 62!

Nice one.

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Rusty effort

What I think you did was a noble attempt at the simplicity of the original 8-bit w√ľndertune, but it fell flat on its face for a fair few reasons; firstly, there was never more than one instrument including drums playing at once, the 8-bit may have made it famous, but this is the 21st century where anything is possible. Next, there were too many instruments all jostling about to get attention for the main theme. Be creative, invent your own counter-melody to quietly pique your listener's attention, or harmonise to achieve an "epic" quality. Then there was the issue of the electric guitar which had far too much reverb on it, you could hardly pick out a tune towards the end of the song. Coupled with the fact the track volume was too low at its genesis, then too high to accommodate the reverb, it just created a "sound mess".
With only a few tweaks here and there you could make a credible version of a classic tune, and truly make it your own. I hope my words inspire you to, at the very least, try again.

This is....

...A remix of Chaoz Fantasy. But it's not. It's... um... rhythmically symmetrical, with a few notes switched around. Which doesn't make it less awesome, just a little less original, and yet I can't bring myself to dock any points, because it's ParagonX9. And docking points would ergo be blasphemous. Very sneaky indeed.

A Great Achievement

I tried to do exactly this myself a while back, but I didn't have the time or resources to do it to my own expectations. This has a very 8-bit, video-game quality to it that I would in no way call a lower standard of technical accomplishment. This is what sets it apart from the original. Although we will try to compare this to ParagonX9, you may have unintentionally created a version worthy of a retro-style game; I could see this in Sonic the Hedgehog, no bother. So don't put yourself down, ParagonX9 made this song hers, but you too made it yours.

Shiverwar responds:

I can't thank you enough for your words. I actually fear what other people may think, but that's just my paranoia setting in. Also, Newgrounds is teeming with trolls, so that's also a thing I watch out for.

Anyways, I guess it is kind of set apart from her original, though I personally don't feel my take lives up to hers. We'll just have to see how it does in the portal before I make a self-judgment. Thank you for your kind words, and the motivation to keep me going. XD Lol


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